Healing For Women and Mother Earth

I’m compelled to initiate a connected meditation between women and men for women.  Women who are in perilous situations and need help.  Since my attack last week my eyes have been opened to the impact of violence towards women and how that effects the psyche and health of these women.  

I can only image the horridness of living through repeated attacks.   These women who have no protection, as they are homeless due to violence, Women who are displaced and so are their children.  The trauma these people are suffering is unimaginable.  


I believe strongly that a heart-mind focus on the healing of the women, children and men suffering from these acts of violence can transform our world.  


The profound experience of being a target for violence is guiding me to heal the negative energy vortex created  from violence.   




Create your quiet space.  Music, aromatics, lighting, white candle, crystals, whatever you use to create a space for the healing and meditation.  I usually use certain crystals and a candle used only for this.  I chose a mantra bracelet   specific for this energy or mandala that will be created.  

You are creating a mandala of energy.    A healing Circle for Victims of violence.   I plan on working this for 44 days.  At 4:44 every day.  


I found this site with an excellent exp;anation of the Durga mantra.  

Ohm Dum Durga Yeiv Namaha.  (sp?)

Repeat for 108 times.  



Breath in, creating space for love and intent.  Breathe into the vast openness that is within us.  Exhale bright golden white light around you.  With each breath become more relaxed and more peaceful.  Let the breaths release all tension and all that prevents your peace.  This may take awhile or not.  There is no time constraint, this is your meditation.  The goal is to become peaceful and calm.  


When you have reached this space of calmness and peace.... (take time and space for each step)

See your feet connected to the earth,


 feel the pulsating of the energy of her.


See your feet grow roots deep into the earth connecting to the  other roots of light. 

 Grow your roots deep to the core of Mother Earth, into the beautiful green energy that she is. 

 Connect with this healing vibration and gently pull this energy up through your feet and up through your body.  

This energy mixes with the golden energy that surrounds you, rising up through your legs, your body and arms. 

 This energy flows up through your heart, your throat, your third eye and out of the top of your crown.  

The vibrant gold and green strands raise high up and bursts into fragments of light twinkling outward, upward and downward in a great expanse of sparkling light energy.  You can see and you feel this happening through your heart center and third eye.  

You see these fragments of light reaching all who need and desires this energy.  This transformative healing energy plants seeds of light that will grow where it lands.  This light cannot be extinguished. This light is bright and pure divine  universal energy.   

Sit in this space for as long as you can or desire to.  When  completed,  you can chant Ohm Dum Durga Yei Namaha.  and really let the energy permeate your aura.   

Send this energy out through your heart once again when your finished chanting.


Ground and center


I wear my mantra bracelet  through out the day,   caress the beads and say a few Ohm Dum Durga Yeiv Namaha to connect with the healing protective energy again.  I see healing and peace to all who need this.  


I hope you will join me in this healing energy.  This healing mantra heals us and all connected.  

In Ahimsa,