Will adaptogens protect me from the Corona Virus and Covid-19?

My answer is Yes!!!! My reasoning:

I have been contemplating this question lately. These are the answers I have come up with for myself.

They certainly won't hurt my immunities. Adaptogens enhance my immunities in multi-faceted pathways. I feel better when I take them, when I feel better, I function at a higher level. I exercise more, eat better and sleep better. I find myself thinking kinder thoughts which leads to more benevolence towards myself and others therefore bringing peace to my heart. This is a deeper concept towards healing than just taking a pill.

Adaptagens are herbs, plants, fruits and foods that engage with our body energetically, chemically, and physically in ways that promotes healing and balanced immunities. (I read scientific studies about them).

They are given to us from the earth. I consider the earth as my mother, I believe she loves me, she provides for me and she has protected me.

Aruvedic lifestyles use adaptogens in favorite and traditional recipes, they are a way of life.

I have not been sick since I have started on the adaptogen path other than environmental sinus reactions (which I take Guduchi and usually resolves this quickly and is another story). Currently, (this month) I have been taking Japanese Knotweed, Atlantic sea kelp, Rhodiola rt, Eleutherococus rt, ginger, tumeric, astragalus rt, cayenne, milk thistle and scutellaria baicalensis. I'm going to make a new batch of adaptogens for next month within a day or two. I'll switch some herbs out and add some new ones specific for what I am looking to balance in my energy and body. This is the beauty of creating my own adaptogens, they flow with what a I need now. This keeps me in homeostasis. I have clarity, positive moods and more energy.

I feel healthy.

I don't know if adaptogens will prevent Corona virus from infecting me, but I am counting on them to prevent Covid-19 complications by creating a healthy biome within my body that can identify, kill and eliminate the virus.

These are frightening and tragic times. Always go back to the heart, forgive often, and live with gratitude.

If you're ready for the adaptogen pathway send a message and we can create something together.

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