Miracles Are Real

For about a month I was experiencing debilitating back pain. It effected my life in that I was forced to stop doing daily activities that I loved and I could barely move. The pain increased until it was difficult to function without NSAIDs in which I am cautious about taking for a long time.

I began using my various singing bowls, Reiki, music and meditations focused on healing. I also started using MAP again. When I feel good I forget to use these amazing modalities for healing. The meditations with MAP and Reiki were profound, I intuitively listened and heard my own spiritual "team" guide me into health. I started taking supplements/adaptogens that I had put together awhile ago and also started taking a few others that I had stopped taking and was guided to continue again.

I don't think I can point to any one factor as the catalyst for my healing. The combination of all the different healing aspects brought about a profound healing for my back.

It is amazing. I woke up Tuesday and my pain and stiffness in my back and body was gone! I am left with only a tiny remnant of stiffness. I can't recall this ever happening to me before. I have so much gratitude for my team of healers and their love for me. I truly believe that I was assisted with this healing and am in awe of the profound healing abilities of the Universe and our Divine Mother.

I learned about MAP from the book MAP: The Co-Creative White Brotherhood Medical Assistance Program by Machaelle Wright. I highly recommend this for anyone interested in help with healing themselves. I have been using this for years, although I do forget maintenance sessions when I am feeling good.

I also recommend self Reiki. I took the class online from Lisa Powers Reiki I, II, III with Udemy for $15. This class is amazing and Lisa distant attunes you to REIKI. IT REALLY WORKS. I recommend this to everyone, yet only a few people have done this, which baffles me because, Why wouldn't anyone want to feel better or help heal themselves?

Thank you for reading this, I wanted to share this miraculous happening with everyone. Many Blessings to ALL!

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