Malas: What goes around comes around....

I've been chanting with and creating mala bracelets lately. I like to chant Om Mani Padme Hum. I have a tourmaline mala bracelet for this chant. I also have been chanting Om Bu dei yev namaha (Not sure if this is the correct spelling, but it is how I pronounce these words). This chant I have been using a beautiful red veined agate and I am connected to the beautiful energy of the Goddess Atabey. I love both of these bracelets, as I love all the bracelets I make. The bracelets have 54 beads and I work around the bracelet twice. A mantra is repeated 108 times. I'm not an expert on mantras, rather I'm a novice. But I can explain what I know. When I chant a mantra I am creating an energy manadala. It is a feeling, an energy, thought, image.... For me, I am creating a beautiful bubble of energy that surroundings. The bracelet helps to bring me back to this loving space I have created and it also helps to make it permanent yet flowing. There is so much information on malas, mantras and chanting online and within books I have found on kindle. I encourage everyone to try a mantra specific for themselves. I have been guided to offer an aviana shaman mala bracelet with my readings. During the reading we will ask for guidance on which stone is appropriate for you and maybe guidance on a mantra. I am excited to experience this energy with you!

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