Just Do It!

Everyday I read something about the inevitable climate change and the destruction occurring here on our Earth. One message is blatantly clear and the message for us right now is “Don’t Wait!” Don’t wait to do something that you have been considering and putting off until “the time is right”. Do whatever it is NOW, if you are mentally and physically able to do it. Find that time and find the means. Ask for it, finagle it, arrange it. Whatever it takes. If this aligned with your heart and you feel passionately a about it. Do It! It is time to start living through our hearts.

Living through our hearts and creating what we are inspired to helps balance what we can’t control, like our jobs, traffic, stressors that we can’t avoid. We can train ourselves by taking simple steps. We don’t have to be perfect. We don’t have to be noticed, we only have to do it. Everyone of us is here for a reason. The more we do for our own personal self growth and expansion the more we can inevitably contribute to the collective energy that is here to help transform the micro/macrocosm energy on Earth into a healing presence.

That diet/exercise you have been putting off.... Do it. Start small or go big, whatever works. Starting creates a shift of energy propelling us forward. That class, instruction or desire to learn something or new opportunity for growth, Do it! Because yes, time is running out. The time is running out to transform into a higher vibration. We are either with this or not.

Improving ourselves and our environment affects not only ourselves, it also affects those that we touch, either closely or remotely. Visualize a spider thumbing it’s web. Small ripples close to larger ripples on the outer perimeter. Each one of us contribute to the song the web, the higher the vibration, the more healing that can happen. The time is now...

That time you’ve been meaning to take for meditation everyday... Take it! Put your phone down and turn off the TV. That meaningful love filled conversation you’ve been avoiding.. Have it! Take time to bring forth your creative ideas. Those thoughts of creating, manifest them. Either start small or go big, just putting forth and shifting your energy is enough to initiate change and stimulate the creative flow of energy within you and in your environment. This creative energy is the energy our planet needs “Right Now”.

Eat healthier, Drink more water. Stimulate blood flow through movement for at least 20 minutes a day. Move Energy. Spend more time in happy thoughts. Feel more Gratitude. Often. See the Good.. or make it good.

If you don’t have a positive role in something change too positive or leave it alone. Let go of anything that is not ‘uplifting’ These steps may or may not be easy, they may take practice, don’t give up. Keep doing it. One step leads to another. Don’t be hard on yourself, that defeats the purpose of doing it to begin with. Practice ‘benevolence’ and let this be your filter for thoughts and actions. Ask: ‘Is this benevolent?’ anything but yes, drop it. Start small, Go Big, Just Do It!

Because the time to make impactful positive change is running out.



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