I can see clearly now the rain has gone.... or so I hope!

This is crazy full moon energy in Aquarius. How's everyone doing? It's been somewhat stormy energy here upstate New York. Wind, water, emotions....and.. going into Leo Sun. Steamy. Tests for the heart chakra and working through with the heart. Breaths through fear, and frustrations and reaching breakthroughs for experiences on another level of love.

Drumming on the porch with anticipation for the full moon I saw a falling star with Tate. The moon is bright and clear and my sight suddenly changes perception and is projected outward, and I am looking upon the moon and the earth from a perspective far away from earth. I see and feel the beauty of our home in space and I feel a sadness in my heart for how humans are behaving here. We all bleed the same and we all die the same, we all have the same worries.

Our lives are precious. WE our experiencing a living classroom and the only lesson to be learned is LOVE. Pure innocent childlike love.

This coming month I look forward to cleaning out. Cleaning out thoughts that take me from Love. Cleaning out cabinets of all unneeded or unnecessary.

Back in the month of June, starting with the full moon eclipse and completing on the new moon solar eclipse on the Summer Solstice, I created a set of 7 Radiant Heart Crystal Essences. The set is specific for releasing and cleaning out emotional blockages and implants that are imbedded in our energy field. Conscious or unconscious. They will bring forward issues needing to be resolved and released.

The Crystals used are set of crystals that have been charged under lunar eclipses at high energy vortexes in St. John, Sedonna, and Mt. Shasta. They can be used in order, combined, or in various combinations. These essences have been created for each person's individual healing. The essences create a multidimensional healing matrix that is individually unique. All are heart centered and the ultimate outcome wil be the permanent releasing of fear related to specific wounds. Tanzanite and herkimer diamond essence is the final and seventh crystal essence. Using this essence completes and continues the process by enhancing neuroplasticity with the goal of light filled living.

I am offering these as a set of seven, if you have any interest in releasing and healing by engaging this healing matrix, please contact me at or message me on facebook messenger and we can get you a set quickly.

A better world begins within ourselves.

Many Blessings on this Full Moon in Aquarius.


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