Herbs can be used for magic too?


The whole life of a plant is magic. Beautiful flowers, plants and trees start from a tiny seed and manifest into magnificent life! That is magic! You could spend a long time delving into the concept of life and sometimes we do. Today I'm going to share my experience of working with plants and asking for assistance. Plants are conscious on a level that most can't connect with because they have never experienced it. It's not taught or generally accepted by our current society. It has not always been this way, long ago humans experienced a symbiotic relationship with plants and their environment. (This is a whole other concept and I may tap into that another time.) Because of this connection, plants will help us manifest by adding their energy to our visions in ways we do not know. How does this happen?!! I don't know. What I do know is that I have experienced this magic in profound ways. Most importantly, I always use love in my creating and manifesting.

Here is a quick lesson on using plants for magic.

The first step to using botanicals is to have a thought in your mind about what you are desiring and then to consider what plant has the vibration you are seeking. (I usually do this with an intuitive connection with the plant.)

The second step is to ask the four directions and elements for assistance. Air, Fire, Water, Earth. I ask for guidance from the Elders and guides also. You may feel them or see them in your third eye, or maybe not. That is ok if you don't.

Hold a pinch of the herb in your hand.

State what you desire. Visualize what you desire. Feel what you desire.

Infuse your heart chakra energy into your hand and herbs along with the visualized desired outcome. Sit with this for awhile, until it feels right. (Always feeling love for the manifestation, if you're not feeling love, it still will work but maybe not for the higher good, it's best to prevent regret maybe?)

When you are ready, you can use fire/heat to burn the herbs, you can blow them in the wind (air), infuse in water to sprinkle, wash, spray, or bury them in the earth. All of these methods work, it just depends on what you desire and which elements you wish to use.

State, what you desire while releasing the energy, may this or something better come to be, for the good of all, harm to none, so mote it be. It is done.

Don't forget to thank and release the elements and helpers to go in peace.

I have magic herb bundles on the "Goodies" page. The bundles include 15 magical herbs, a card of uses, a stick of palo santo inside a handmade fabric bag for easy transportation and gifting. The price includes shipping. Sign up on the contact page, I send out coupons for the shop.

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