Everything she touches changes. She changes everything she touches.

Change is the word I am using for this time and place we all experiencing right now. We have no other option but to change. The questions I ask myself are... How, what and why do I need to change. There are so many things I want to change to reach the outcome my heart desires. Peace and love throughout our planet. Food and shelter for all beings. Healing and respect for our beautiful Mother Earth. I do know in my heart that these visions are attainable and that is why we are all here right now. It's time to take notice and step up to the plate.

I am being guided to offer readings for those who need them and for those who need direction. My readings are $50 and usually last for about 45 minutes to an hour. Information that you need will come through.

I am also a certified reiki practitioner, herbalist and a registered nurse and am also available for herbal consultations healings.

Please email or message me to set up a time.

In service,


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