Everything She Touches Changes is showing herself again!

This year is about change. So many strings in my life have broken, transformed, energized or disappeared. Within all of this, I can say that I am confidently standing on firmer ground, despite all of the chaos happening. A process of "connecting", "letting go", and "trusting" has happened. For a much higher level of happiness. I have learned to live with less, and have gratitude for what is important to me, for what I have and for what I don't have. Every time I choose love everything flows beautifully. This is where I have learned to let go. No expectations, no forcing, just riding the wave of the radiant heart and manifesting with universal co-creative energies. I have co-created beautiful gem essences that I am looking forward to offering soon. More info coming.... Most important of all is the idea I have of gathering women on the full moon of September 2 at 7pm to focus our radiant heart energy into creating a better world. I have to decide where... Thinking about one of the parks close by. Maybe Lake George by the battlegrounds, or Crandall Park? I am open for suggestions!. I hope you will come. Invite your sisters, mothers and girlfriends! Social distancing and masks are mandatory. Email me at with any interest or questions.

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