I love change. I love the change in seasons, except for when winter is too long. I have been daydreaming about where I may escape to when the cold gets to be too much. The only constant in life is change... when we have an adaptable body and mind, change is our friend.

If you haven't visited my site lately you may find interest in my new(old) offerings. I am creating adaptogen supplements for new clients now. I have found that since I have been creating and using botanical adaptogen supplements, my energy levels have increased. Botanicals have enhanced my memory, increased my immunities and have even eliminated my aging aches and pains. My skin is even clearer.

The adaptogen formulas I create can be used for most imbalances. They help restore and balance energy, with gentleness. If your energy feels off or you would like to increase your energetic frequency please book an appointment, email me, text or message and we can create a formula exclusively for you. I also have supplement formulas for stress, insomnia, anxiety, acute issues and many other needs.

By glancing at the explore yourself page you may find some imbalances you would like to work on.

May change be your blessing!


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