Amla a sacred botanical


Amla is a mild adaptogenic botanical that grows in warm climates in Asia. The Hindu religion considers this tree as sacred and claims the berries, when consumed regularly, will maintain youthfulness, longevity and a healthy memory.

We can use Amla to reduce inflammation and restore vitality. It balances our digestive system, contributes to weight loss, and benefits our eyes and circulatory system. Actually, this botanical in a combination of other adaptogens, works in so many ways it can be considered a vitality herb.

Amla is loaded with Vitamin C, antioxidants flavonoids polyphenols. It is great for skin, connective tissue disorders, blood vessels and the eyes.

I’m using Amla combined with other adaptogens as a supplement in hopes that if I do come down with Covid19, vascular damage will be non-existent or manageable. I take it in a capsule. But amla can be mixed with a tablespoon of honey and eaten, it’s very delicious.

Do you need adaptogens?

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