I love fall colors! I don't like winter, it's too cold, and there is no color or plants.

Let's think about Covid-19. It's not going away and it looks like it's coming back for another round. The sustained effects of this virus is debilitating and intense and the experts can't figure it out. More information about it's affects is coming available as time progresses. But it doesn't change the fact that doctors and scientist are unsure how to treat it's damaging effects. They damage is multi-faceted and enduring.

In my experience with adaptogens, they can help restore balance in compromised health and an imbalanced body. Adaptogens work by turning off what is turned on, turning on what is turned off, cooling what is hot, or heating what is cold. In other words, they restore balance in our body where it is needed. They help us adjust and heal gently and overtime. There is no quick fix with adaptogens, but you can start experiencing results in about a month or sooner.

Adaptogens are anti-inflammatory, detoxifying, balancing, nourishing, preventative and safe. Adaptogens will not over stimulate your immunities, they will help keep your immunities in balance. They will enhance most medications.

I hope you are healthy and well! I'll connect with you again soon.

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