Getting Started

There are many reasons for meditating.  We can meditate to relieve anxiety, relieve stress, heal ourselves and manifest a better peaceful world for ourselves.  You don't have to "spiritual" to meditate and you can meditate without any expectations or intent.  There is a whole world of meditation waiting for you to explore!  

The first step to meditation is allowing yourself the time.  Even if you can only commit to 15 minutes at a time you can still experience a positive change in your life.  The purpose of meditation is to connect with your true self and to quiet the fear based monkey brain that we are trained to listen to when we are young and will control us unless we conciously learn to control it .


This second easy simple step to meditation is our breath.. The Manna of Life.  Take a few moments and focus on your breath.  In and out.  In and out.  In and out.  Breathe like this until your attention is fully on your breathing.  The "In the Beginning" page has a more in depth guide to breathing.

You can use your breath to release stress and anxiety anytime and anywhere.


When you are ready, the next part of meditation is focusing on our heart and connecting with the universal love energy.  For me this is the most important part of meditating.  Connecting and reconnecting with the love energy is constantly flowing.  We are human and therefore it is difficult to maintain "love and light" attitude continuoulsy.  With practice it becomes easier.  

I will post new meditations when the "spirit" moves me.  I hope this helps you on your quest for meditation.