Sit comfortably somewhere quiet and comfortable.  

Focus on your breath, breathing in for a count 4.  Hold your breath for a count of 6, release for 8.  If this is not comfortable you can switch with counts of 5.  5 in , hold 5, exhale 5.  Continue the breathing focusing on relaxing.  Each breath releases more tightness, stress or negativity.  Each breath in nourishes you, each breath out releases.   Feel your shoulders relaxing.  Notice your back getting straighter, inhale, hold exhale.  Scan your body for any area that needs release.  Sometimes you can work into a painful area with your mind.  Observe the pain and release it.  Continue focusing on your breath until you are completely relaxed.   Next... Become aware of your many thoughts.  Each thought becomes a lotus flower.  Visualize the lotus flower floating away on a river of energy.  Watch the flower get smaller and smaller.  Every thought that comes to you watch it float away, sometimes there will be many flowers, others less.  The more flowers there are the busier our minds are.  Somedays it's OK to just practice floating away lotus flowers.   Ohter days this can be an opening to deeper meditation.  Each day is different.  Nothing is wrong or bad.  These are exercises to calm and clear our minds and create a new space for positive change.