Welcome to  Aviana Shaman!

My name is Denise Montena, I am a RN, herbalist, Reiki practitioner, energy channeler, lover of  Earth, nature, and of wild places.  I believe in kindness and that we can create a benevolent world where all can thrive.  Where expression of our true selves is honored and expressed.  I believe that everyone here has a part to play in this world, and the questions, "What is my part in all of this?",

"What mark can I leave?" will guide us to our true selves. 

My hope is that I leave here with love and the thought that I have helped more than hindered.  That I believed in dreams and aspirations and followed them.  That I have grown and that I have helped others to grow and heal, and that I did the best I was able to when I could.


I am a Registered Nurse, herbalist, reiki and  energy balance practitioner with years of experience working with patients in the hospital and practicing herbalism has  inspired me to create botanical and herbal remedies for improved health, immunities and longevity.   I create individualized adaptogen supplements for your energetic imbalances.  I also make a variety of different tinctures and they are usually crafted to help us adapt to what our environment is expressing.  I have remedies for anxiety, stress and impaired immunities.  

Please check out my shop pages I have many mala bracelets and other special goodies that are great to gift yourself or someone else.

Sometimes I offer discounts and coupons so sign up on the member's page so you receive them.  If you have any question about the bracelet sizing just send me a note.  

I also have heating rice pads that aren't on the shop pages yet.  I like to create with the flow energy and inventory varies, so please stop by and check for any new items.  

The Blog pages have information about the Full moon circle, there are chakra clearing ideas and meditations for stress relief, anxiety and other stuff.  This page will also flow with is happening energetically around us.    

I am happy to help you and to hear from you!

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