Welcome to  Aviana Shaman!

My name is Denise Montena, I am a RN, herbalist, Reiki practitioner, energy channeler, lover of  Earth, nature, and of wild places.  I believe in kindness and that we can create a benevolent world where all can thrive.  Where expression of our true selves is honored and expressed.  I believe that everyone here has a part to play in this world, and the questions, "What is my part in all of this?",

"What mark can I leave?" will guide us to our true selves. 

My hope is that I leave here with love and the thought that I have helped more than hindered.  That I believed in dreams and aspirations and followed them.  That I have grown and that I have helped others to grow and heal, and that I did the best I was able to when I could.